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Dean Seaburg President our teams

Dean Seaburg

Founder & President

A lifetime dedicated to Heavy Industry paved the way for Dean, who founded our company in 2008 with a vision for “Ingenuity at a Competitive Price.” In the early days, Dean juggled being a “One Man Show,” operating the business during the day and working as a Crane Operator on various projects at night. Through unwavering dedication, hard work, and a touch of luck, he transformed the business into one of the most successful Hoisting/Mechanical Companies in the Pacific Northwest.

Dean’s journey from a solo endeavor to overseeing approximately 88 skilled craftspeople on the payroll is a testament to his vision and leadership. As Owner/President, he is the driving force behind the company’s success. Dean’s commitment to employees, coupled with kindness and compassion, has cultivated a Company Culture that we take immense pride in.

Beyond his professional role, Dean finds solace in the outdoors of beautiful Northern Idaho. Whether hunting, fishing, hiking, or engaging in various outdoor activities, he appreciates the natural beauty that surrounds him.

John Gift our teams

John Gift

Vice President/Director of Sales

With a career spanning back to 1991, John has been a stalwart presence in the heavy construction/mechanical field. His journey began as a certified welder/millwright, specializing in complex process systems. As John’s career progressed, he seamlessly transitioned into the hoisting industry, assuming roles such as rigger, lift director, crane operator, consultant, and general superintendent.

John’s extensive and diverse experience equips him with the tools and insight needed to address the challenges our clients face in today’s manufacturing and construction industries. As the Vice President of TSC, he plays a pivotal role in the company’s leadership.

Outside his professional responsibilities, you’ll likely find John on one of Washington State’s coastal rivers, passionately chasing salmon and steelhead, showcasing his love for the outdoors.

Andrew Balerud our teams

Andrew Balerud

Vice President of Sales

With over 19 years of dedicated experience in project management across the Continental United States, Andrew is a seasoned professional who brings unparalleled expertise to our team. As the Vice President of Sales, he is committed to delivering exceptional results through meticulous attention to detail and a genuine “Customer First” mindset.

Andrew’s core values revolve around Customer Satisfaction, a principle that permeates every aspect of his work. His extensive background spans various industries, including Manufacturing, OEM Installation Support/Troubleshooting, Aerospace, Military/Defense, Federal Projects, and Wood/Paper Mills.

Beyond his professional achievements, Andrew finds joy in diverse pursuits. He dedicates time to restoring his 103-year-old home, demonstrating his passion for preserving heritage. An avid guitarist, he not only appreciates precision in his work but also in his music. Family holds a special place in Andrew’s life, and he values quality time spent with loved ones. His love for exploration is reflected in his enthusiasm for traveling.

Embodying the belief that “Every problem is an opportunity in disguise” (John Adams), Andrew approaches challenges with a positive outlook, turning each obstacle into a chance for growth and success.

Eldon Ash our teams

Eldon Ash

Director of Business Development

Eldon, a proud Veteran of the United States Air Force, discovered his passion for mechanics during his service. This passion led him to Purdue University, where he majored in Mechanical Engineering. Following his education, Eldon joined the International Union of Operating Engineers, a connection he maintains to this day.

As a Crane Operator with a focus on Structural Steel Erection and precision setting of specialized equipment in the Manufacturing Industry, Eldon accumulated 29 years of invaluable experience. Always up for a challenge, he transitioned into management, developing crane divisions for two of the largest crane rental fleets in the Greater Seattle area.

In his current role as Director of Business Development at TSC, Eldon brings a lifetime of experience, integrity, and a remarkable ability to solve complex problems to our team. When not applying his talents to his career, Eldon enjoys spending quality time on the water with family and friends, whether at his home in Gig Harbor, WA, or vacationing in the Florida Keys—his future retirement destination with his wife, Christy.

Alex Dominguez our teams

Alex “Nico” Dominguez Martinez

General Superintendent

Since joining us in 2016, Alex has been an integral part of our team, starting as a Lift Director and growing with the company. His versatility is evident as he seamlessly transitions into various roles as the company evolves. Alex not only singlehandedly manages our lift director program but also holds certification as a crane operator.

In his current position as General Superintendent, Alex brings a wealth of experience and expertise. His dedication and adaptability make him a valuable asset to our team. Outside of work, Alex shares a passion for restoring European cars with his youngest son, Luca.
Leslie Baldwin our teams

Leslie Baldwin


Formerly the Owner of a thriving Sign Company in Southern California, Leslie brought her wealth of experience to our team in 2015 when she assumed the role of Controller—a position she still holds today. Leslie’s meticulous dedication to every financial detail, coupled with her effective communication with clients, has been instrumental in TSC’s success in the highly competitive industry.

Beyond her responsibilities in operating a successful business, Leslie finds joy in traveling, quality time with loved ones, and cheering for the Seahawks as a dedicated season ticket holder. Her contagious passion for her role acts as the glue that binds our work “family” together.
Brian Baldwin our teams

Brian Baldwin

Office Specialist

Brian is a vital member of our office team, specializing in Contracts, insurance issues, Safety documentation, and providing valuable support to Leslie, our Company Controller. With an impressive background of 42 years in the Banking Industry before joining our team, Brian brings a wealth of experience to his role.

In addition to his professional expertise, Brian finds joy outside the office. A golf enthusiast, he spends leisure time on the golf course. Brian also enjoys hiking and cherishes moments spent with his wife, grown children, and his 11 grandchildren.